Mission Statement

At Myka Cellars we make European focused wines in California. We believe that wine should be a part of daily life, approachable and unpretentious. With that in mind we continuously focus on providing the best quality and value possible throughout our selection of wines. We choose to not focus on one region but rather to focus on the best varietals from that region. We hope that you enjoy our wines as much as we enjoy making it for you.

The Staff

Mica Raas (Winemaker)

Mica has managed vineyards and wineries throughout California. This experience created a love of all that California wine has to offer. Moreover; Mica has developed understanding of the diversity and strengths of the different grape growing regions of California. This has lead Mica to consulting on what have become some of the most awarded sought after vineyards and wines.


Taylor (Assistant Winemaker)

Taylor unofficially joined the Myka Cellars family in 2011 and started learning the ropes. He then bailed to Europe for 15 months until he ran out of money. After crawling back to Mica he officially joined the team during the 2014 harvest. When not at the winery he enjoys long walks back to the winery.

Kane Raas (Vineyard Consultant)

Thoroughly educated in the art of science of eating grapes and pulling weeds. Kane is an integral part of the vineyard team using his preschool education to truly understand the integration of child care and vineyard management. Without his constant involvement more would be achieved.


Tule Dog (Pest Management)

An expert of scaring lawn art and vineyard fertilization. Tule ensures limited to no bird damage and ample gopher control. She is adept at sleeping on the couch, being underfoot and has a sophisticated pallet for low hanging fruit.