Brett In Pinot? (VIDEO)

Brettanomyces (Brett) is a yeast often associated with French wines. Traditionally guarded against, but researchers at UC-Davis would now agree with winemaker Mica Raas that Brett has great potential to bring out flavors in wine.



So, that Snow Mountain Pinot, that has brett. That’s not on purpose, but we didn’t mind it. Because the Snow Mountain Pinot is more Burgundian. Burgundy always has brett. Brett is volitile. So, as that wine ages brett will go away. 

I worked with an all-natural winemaker. He loved brett. Brett will eat up all the bacteria in the wine. In four or five years it will go away. So he would just leave it in barrel for five years and not care. Well, that doesn’t work with pinot, but you get the idea. That little bit of “horse funk” is actually a good thing.

Beef burguignon, that’s beef burgundy. Beef burguignon with Snow Mountain Pinot would be amazing, because that little bit of “horse funk” goes really well with those heavier red sauce things. That’s what it does. That’s what the French have figured out over years and years and years

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