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At Myka Cellars, we care deeply about crafting wines with distinction, sustainable farming, and, above all, the health and safety of our employees and guests. As we invite you to join us for a wine tasting, we would like to let you know how we are working to keep everyone safe. 

We practice the industry’s most rigorous cleaning and sanitation practices and have implemented every state and county guidelines in order to improve our efforts and safeguard all of visitors and staff. These include:


Our facility uses the following methods to ensure protection of Employee Health in the workplace:

  • All employees have been told not to come to work if ill.
  • A health survey is conducted with each employee prior to each shift.
  • Employees receive a thermal temperature scan prior to beginning each shift.
  • Face coverings are worn by all staff who interact with the public and when not able to socially distance with other employees.
  • Mandatory handwashing occurs on a schedule.
  • Employee breakrooms and restrooms are disinfected frequently, on a schedule.
  • A copy of procedures was shared with each employee.


Our facility uses the following methods to ensure social distancing is adhered to:

  • All tables are spaced so that all members of separate groups can maintain six feet of distance from each other.
  • Tape or markings of at least six feet separation are used in areas where members of the public may form a line.  
  • Staggered seating times are used to control traffic flow.
  • Tables are limited to not more than 6 people.
  • A reservation process (CellarPass) is used to prevent people from gathering.
  • Outdoor seating area has been expanded to increase social distancing.


Our facility uses the following methods to ensure education of the dining public:

  • Signage is posted at each public entrance of the facility to inform the public to:
    • Maintain social distancing of six feet
    • Wash hands or use sanitizer upon entry to our facilities
    • Stay home if they are ill or have symptoms consistent with COVID-19
  • A copy of COVID-19 Restaurant Operating Procedures is posted at a location visible to the public.
  • A contactless payment system is used and encouraged.
  • Face coverings are worn by public when not seated at their table.


Our facility uses the following methods to increase sanitization and disinfection:

  • No food items or containers are shared between tables such as condiment bottles, salt and pepper shakers, or breadbaskets.
  • No self-service buffets or salad bars are offered.
  • Non-food items that may be used by multiple customers, such as menus, are disinfected between each use or modified to be a single service item, such as a disposable paper menu.
  • Utensils and food ware are properly washed, rinsed and sanitized for an adequate amount of time in our high temp dishwasher, or submerged in sanitizer for an adequate amount of time. Or, only single-service utensils and food ware are used.
  • High contact touchpoints, such as phones, door handles, credit card terminals, etc. are cleaned and disinfected, using a disinfectant effective against Coronavirus, following a posted schedule.
  • Touch free motion detectors are used to dispense soap and paper towels.
  • Public restrooms are disinfected every hour according to posted signage.
  • A team member per shift is designated to oversee/enforce additional sanitization and disinfection procedures, as needed.
  • The number of employees serving an individual party is limited to one employee, when possible.

We look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you for supporting us in our efforts and helping us stay safe! We're in this together!