2018 Spanish Cowboy


2018 Spanish Cowboy Red Wine

El Dorado


Tasting Notes

We didn’t believe it was possible, but our second vintage of Spanish Cowboy ups the ante with all of the characteristics we loved about the 2017 vintage, plus some! This easy drinking Cowboy has a sweet earthy nose with notes of tobacco, black pepper spice, plum fruit and leather (of course). You’ll taste ample tannins up front with a touch of fruit-forward cherry sweetness rounding out the finish that would be a perfect pairing with smoked meats, baked beans, and all the sides you’d expect at an epic summer bbq.

Winemaking Notes

What feels like many moons ago we had a stroke of genius and released the first vintage of what quickly became one of our most popular wines ever. This Spring marks the flamboyant return of Spanish Cowboy, this time labeled in our original spectacular vision, under our Fringe series of wines.

The inspiration for the name Spanish Cowboy comes from the two dominant varietals in this blend: Tempranillo and Zinfandel. Tempranillo being the iconic Spanish wine grape, and Zinfandel being the original iconic American wine grape, which finally found its truly calling in the Western U.S. It’s almost like we created a new superhero by matching these two up.

The two grapes in this wine grow in neighboring vineyards that we farm, facing each other, leading us to ponder whether they were meant to be together. The Tempranillo ripens later while the Zinfandel ripens earlier, so we let the Zinfandel get jammy and super ripe while the Tempranillo ripened. The two were finally harvested together in late September 2018 and united in tank for a 14-day honeymoon of a fermentation. Taylor gently massaged the fermenting grapes three times per day for optimal extraction. After fermentation we pressed the wine down to barrel so these two could enjoy a quiet winter.


Aged for 18 months in 50% New American and 50% New French Oak.

Food Pairing

This cowboy begs for grilled meats! A grilled steak would be a great choice with a side of baked beans. We’d also love this with a burger with gorgonzola or caramelized onions. An English cheddar with caramelized onions is a delicious cheese pairing, or serve it with an appetizer of bacon-wrapped dates. We tried it with a tostada with gouda, chorizo, shrimp and chipotle aioli and that did not disappoint. Next we’ll be tasting it with Chicken Molé!

Wine Specs

70% Zinfandel, 30% Tempranillo

13.8% alcohol

128 cases produced

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